The Credit Spread

Make 10-25% ROC every 10-45 days

What you see above is a clear picture of the s&p 500 from the monthly chart to a 5 minute chart. This is the only chart grid you will ever need when you trade my credit spread. Keep it very simple. Chart periodiaclly will be updated for the duration of the trade it requires very little management just a look each day is good enough ! R.O.C. is return on capitol. This site is for learning purposes only. If you would like to learn this trade see Membership page for details. This trade has a 93% win record when it is done the way I show you how. Very high probability of success ? There is risk as in any type of trading. Determine your risk tolerence ? Whats your preference fear or success !

See current trades page for - Daily credit spread

See membership for details


Welcome to the Daily review

I will review the chart daily after the close if there are any changes to be made such as buying back and rolling out will post on the Current Trades page.


See Current Trades page for details

Udate as of 7/5/16 6AM . Status= Sold August 1930 put 45 days out . Stay tuned daily for any changes ? Just let it ride. Relax go to the beach, Do what you want ! let time handle it. See charts above.


Welcome to The Credit Spread

What is a credit spread ? There are many different ways to create a credit spread ? This site is devoted to my way of looking at it and trading it ? Look at the chart above. See the shaded area ? That is the range of my typical spread. You sell a put and/or a call option out of the mone.y When you sell them the money hits your account but it will not clear until you close the position or the price stays inside that range for the days that are left until experiation. There are a few great variations of my credit spreads but those are for the chosen few who join this site ? Only for those who are serious about making serious money !

Note ! This site is for training purposes only, The chart you see is a paper trading account required by law. This site has no affiliation with any charting program. The chart program is an illustration for visual use only. For training only.

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